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Here are the Top Touchscreen Gloves To Get Through Winter

This is the obvious route To keep Jack Frost away from your fingers, slip on some warm gloves. For centuries people have worn gloves. The biggest change in the history of gloves was the transition from individually wrapped fingers to mittens. But traditional gloves don’t play nicely with our smartphones. You could certainly stab at your smartphone with your fingers before you can take your gloves off and use the phone. But wouldn’t you rather snag a good pair of touchscreen gloves?

Each glove has some type of material or technology at the fingertip that can be used with touchscreens. However, some gloves are more effective than others. I tested each pair in this guide with my phone—I answered calls, browsed the web, and sent text messages—and also considered comfort, grip, and warmth, using them in around 40 degree-Fahrenheit weather. These were our top picks. 

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Adjust Your Phone’s Settings

There’s a pair of touchscreen gloves here to suit every situation, but before we dive in, I strongly recommend you increase the sensitivity of your phone’s touchscreen. Here’s how:

You can find out more at Android PhoneYou can go to Configurations, Système, Input and languagesThen, The pointer speedSlide it up to the maximum. Some Android Smartphones can also be equipped with an Touch sensitivity can be increased You can also find the option in Display settings. 

iPhoneYou can go to Configurations, Accessibility, TouchTap, 3D & Haptic Touch Set the slider as desired. Light.

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