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Give your pet the gift of love with some of our favourite gear

Beautiful cats are everywhere Strange and interesting creatures. It’s your God-given duty to provide a safe and happy home to any pet you are blessed with. Although we wrote about supplies that should be purchased if you adopt a pet recently, once they are settled at your home you will want to make sure it’s a safe and comfortable place for them. Cats are dependent on a certain type of environment for play, scratching, and relaxation.

These are the products we love, based upon months of research with our cats. We still looked at the overall design and construction of each product to see if it would be useful to our cats. It is possible for felines to be picky so it may take some time to get the right product.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is more pet-centric; our guide includes accessories and supplies for dogs.

Last updated October 20,22: A refillable cat scratcher has been added, as well as a slow feeder pad and a breakaway collar.

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