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Crash detection can be disabled on Apple Watch and iPhone

Crash Detection may not work if you are an Apple user and you love to go to amusement parks. There have been numerous reports that the emergency function was activated on rollercoasters.

Crash Detection is included on both the Apple Watch Series 8 (and Ultra) and the iPhone 14 (line). It has been shown to be effective. It could be life-saving in an accident. So you may not want it disabled.

There is an easy way to disable it. Here’s how.


How does Apple crash detection actually work?

1. Click on settings

You can open Settings in your Apple Watch Series 8/Ultra, or iPhone 14 device. Scroll down, and then tap “Emergency SOS”.

2. Scroll down, and turn off “Crash Detection”.

There are several options for emergency settings within the “Emergency SOS” section. Turn off the “Crash Detection”, setting.

Locate the Crash Detection toggle under Emergency SOS settings.
Credit to Apple

3. Confirm crash detection is disabled

You’ll then be presented with a disclaimer stating that the device will not automatically dial an emergency number if you turn off this feature. Click “Turn off.”

screenshot of warning for turning off crash detection feature

Crash Detection is a risky option.
Credit to Apple

That’s all. When you’re done with your joy ride at the amusement park, remember to switch Crash Detection off.

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