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Bumble brings ‘Ted Lasso’s dating app Bantr back to life

Apple TV+ Ted Lasso Charmed us all. Dating app Bumble now brings one part of the show alive: Bantr. This fictional dating app brought together Sam Obisanya, Rebecca Welton, and more.

In the show, Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) is Sam’s (Toheeb Jimoh) boss — but they didn’t figure out they were talking to each other due to how Bantr functions. It doesn’t display photos of users, but instead allows for text-only conversations. Bumble users are now able to try Bantr out for themselves starting on Thursday.

Bumble users can attend Bantr Live every week freeOn October 13, at 7:00 pm local time,, a new app called ‘Escape to the Future’ will be available. Of course it will be. Ted Lasso The app allows you to brand your phone. The event can be RSVP’d by users starting right now.


The ‘Ted Lasso Footballers’, ranked

It works like this: When you register, you will automatically be connected to someone who matches your search preferences. Bumble users can connect first with their personality, and no photos will be shared. The chat will last three minutes before they are asked if the want to carry on. Chat will be live on the normal queue. If they match, both chatters can see each other’s photos.

Olivia Yu, Bumble’s global vice president of partnerships and marketing said that Bantr was a unique dating platform. Bantr Live allows members of our community to make connections with people they don’t know and get more information about them. Bumblers can have fun and connect with others on Bantr Live.

Bumble users from the U.S. and Australia will have access to Bantr Live. This experience will continue weekly through the end of 2012. Users can RSVP to each event and receive reminders. Users of Bumble will be able redeem a 2-month Apple TV+ subscription. Ted Lasso themselves.

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