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Twitter doesn’t encourage you to take screenshots of tweets

Twitter has gone through some changes recently — and that’s excluding all the Elon Musk news. Paid Twitter Blue subscribers can edit tweets, while mixed media users have the ability to send them. Twitter users may also be prompted to share and copy tweet links by screenshotting tweets.

Some Mashable reporters may not see any prompts for screenshotting but other see it:

Instead, tweet it! prompt.
Credit: Screenshot from Twitter

For several seconds, the prompt will remain up. Matt Navarra, a social-media consultant, also noticed prompts for copying link and sharing tweets.

You can copy the link by yourself. “Share tweet” is the same as the. share icon You can click any tweet and you will be able: to DM, to share with a group, to bookmark it or to share via messaging or other social apps.

Twitter encourages users to tweet and not screenshot. For one, you’d stay on the app longer — or send a link so someone else can spend time on Twitter. You will see more ads and promoted tweets the more you spend time on Twitter.

Twitter will not profit if you take a screenshot of a tweet and then post it to another social media platform.

However, for users, screenshotting is a great idea. It’s easy to share tweets from anywhere. You can also reduce the spread of potentially dangerous tweets by taking screenshots. Screenshots are important for posterity. Even if the tweet was later deleted or Twitter crashes, they will still be there.

We’d prefer not to ‘Share Tweet’. We’ll just keep screenshotting.

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