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Sonos Sub Mini review: Perfect companion for Beam

Review of Sonos Sub Mini: This sleek cylindrical subwoofer will add bass to your Sonos system (Image: SONOS • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

The stylish Sonos subwoofer adds bass to any setup. This subwoofer isn’t cheap but will allow your Sonos speakers to shine.

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  • Sonos Beam and Ray Enhancements
  • A stylish cylindrical design
  • A two-tone white finish looks great
  • It takes seconds to set up
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Cheaper Than Sonos Sub 3

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Until now, the only way to add more bass to your Sonos speakers or home cinema system was to plump for the £749 Sonos Sub Gen 3. It’s quite expensive, but it is well worth the investment when combined with one of Sonos’ most affordable soundbars like the fantastic. Sonos Beam Sonos Ray.

Enter, Sonos Sub Mini.

Although this subwoofer is a great addition to music and movies, its footprint and price are smaller than that of the Sonos Sub. The Sub Mini pairs wirelessly with any of Sonos’ current lineup of speakers – except the portable Roam You can move. Sub Mini can also be used with speakers created in partnership between Sonos.

Sub Mini can be placed in any room using a standard plug, as it is wireless. Sub Mini was used in conjunction with Sonos Beam Soundbars and the results were amazing. The Sonos Beam sounds great on its own. The soundbar comes to life when you transfer the bass to a dedicated speaker.

Sub Mini delivers a lot of noise without being too disruptive. You can limit the Sub Mini’s rumble if you have thin walls.

The Sub Mini’s presence is obvious when streaming music but it truly shines when you watch cinematic TV or blockbuster movies. Sub Mini makes everything come alive, whether it’s the terror-inducing sound of a horror movie or the thrilling explosion during the last car chase in your favourite thriller. Although the Sonos Ray, Sonos Beam and Sonos Ray were excellent soundbars already, you won’t be able to unlock their true potential until you pair them with a Sonos Sub Mini.

Whether that’s worth £429 – almost the cost of the Beam again – only you can decide.

Sonos Sub Mini review

Sonos Sub Mini has been designed as a companion to its Sonos Ray soundbars and Sonos Beam. When viewed from the front, the Sonos Sub Mini’s opening is meant to mirror either the Sonos Ray from a bird’s eye view of the Sonos Beam or the Sonos Ray from the side. The Dolby Atmos all-in-one soundbar is available for those who have the more expensive model. Sonos ArcAccording to the company, you should choose the Sonos Sub 3 instead.

Sub Mini comes in white or black. These two colours are matte, making Sub Mini look sleek and modern. But, most importantly, it does not look dated. Instantly Dusty, like the shiny case on the Sonos Sub. Sub Mini’s unique cylindrical design is an improvement on the traditional black-grey boxes shipped with surround sound system. This subwoofer is the one that we don’t mind having in our living rooms.

sonos sub mini review 2022

Sub Mini comes in a contemporary matte finish but is only available in white and black. (Image: SONOS)

This might not necessarily be necessary. The Sub Mini measures just 30.5cm high and 23cm wide. It is compact enough to be easily hidden away. The wireless speaker was able to be hidden behind a sofa and under tables when we tested it. Unlike the pricier Sonos Sub, which can be laid flat – so you can hide it underneath a sofa or media unit without impacting audio performance – the cylindrical shape of the Sub Mini means that’s not possible.

Silver lining – we were assured by one of the team at Sonos that it’s perfectly fine to use the Sub Mini as a coffee table.

Installing the Subwoofer

Sub Mini connects to your Sonos system via Wi-Fi and can be placed wherever you like.

Sonos supports 5GHz and 2GHz networks. You won’t experience any latency between subwoofer and soundbar. The Sonos Sub Mini was a great speaker, regardless of whether the Sub Mini was being used for streaming music from Apple Music or listening to audiobooks.

If you prefer wired connections, the Sub Mini has an Ethernet port hidden under the Sub Mini.

If you enable Night Mode on your soundbar, Sonos will automatically reduce the rumble from Sub Mini – so you won’t wake the neighbours 

The most difficult part of setting up your Sonos subwoofer will be finding the right spot. After the speaker has been installed and is plugged in to your Sonos system, it will take only seconds for everything to be up and running. Open the Sonos app and immediately a prompt should pop up to allow you to add your new arrival.

You’ll have to look in the menu for the button to Add New Speaker.

NFC will allow you to transfer Wi-Fi details securely by touching your smartphone to the Sub Mini. Sonos will then ask what soundbars or speakers you would like to pair the Sub Mini with. The subwoofer was connected to the Sonos Beam and paired it with two Sonos One speakers, creating a surround sound system of 5.0. It was done! Our home cinema system was transformed into a 5.1 system.

sonos sub mini review 2022

You’ll get a surround sound system with the Sonos Sub Mini in seconds. (Image: SONOS)

It’s interesting that the Sub Mini is not visible separately from a Sonos speaker when it’s paired with the Sub Mini. Sub Mini can also be affected by changes made to the paired speaker such as volume or music settings, or mute. Cleverly, if you set Night Mode on your soundbar – which keeps dialogue clear, but reduces loud noises to avoid waking up the rest of the house – Sonos will automatically reduce the rumble from the Sub Mini too. The app also allows you to manually adjust the bass.

Most people can ignore the Sub Mini once they have set it up and are able to enjoy the new sound.

Software updates – yes, you will need to update the software on your speakers – are all handled via the Sonos app. We added the Sub Mini to the TruePlay system in order to get the most out of it. You can use the microphones in your smartphone to detect the sound level of your room, and adjust your Sonos speakers accordingly. TruePlay is a home cinema system that allows you to watch your favorite shows from your preferred location and then fine tunes the sound for it.

This all works flawlessly, and you will immediately notice the improvement in Sonos’ performance. Unfortunately, the iPhone app does not have this option.

Sound Performance

Sub Mini comes with two six-inch force cancelling woofers. Sonos places these components in the Sub Mini face to face so that opposing forces cancel each other. The Sub Mini is able to produce minimal noise, rattle, or distortion.

To return to our earlier point about the Sub Mini doubling up as a sleek coffee table – you won’t see ripples in your morning coffee à la Jurassic ParkThis clever force-cancelling technology makes it possible.

Sonos isn’t the only company to use this method. Apple also uses the same setup for speakers on its new laptops.

Sub Mini produces frequencies down to 25Hz which is more than sufficient for systems with soundbars at their heart. Aside from a few show-stopping moments – like the braaaams In the Inception Trailer, the terrifying rumble of horror film RelicOr the thunderous bassline of Arctic Monkey’s Do I Wanna Know? – you’re unlikely to hear the presence of the Sub Mini.

We actually had to place our hands inside the speakers several times in order to verify that the woofers were working properly. Woofing.

The Sub Mini is an addition to existing Sonos speakers. Everything sounds fuller and more rounded – and if you remove the Sub Mini from the setup, its absence is felt immediately. You can’t go back to Sonos without hearing the dedicated subwoofer.

Sometimes, it was necessary to reach into the speaker and check that the woofers worked properly. Woofing 

We were shocked at the difference the Sub Mini made to the Sonos Beam sound. Although this soundbar can be a great addition to any system, when the submini is free of all the heavy-end audio, the bar really shines. Every aspect of the Beam is brighter, sharper.

If you’ve got a smaller room – or television – that wouldn’t be suited to the behemoth Sonos Arc, the Sub Mini is an easy way to seriously boost the sound quality from your existing setup. Sonos’ system allows you to slowly expand your system. Like adding rear speakers from Sonos and the IKEA Symfonisk collections to enhance movie nights with surround audio, the Sub Mini adds a cinematic sound in the right places. It will also improve the sound quality of any other speakers you have.

sonos sub mini review uk

Sub Mini is a fashionable two-tone design that looks great when it’s purchased in white. It perfectly matches the Sonos Beam (Image: SONOS)

Pricing and availability

Sonos Sub Mini costs £429 – some £320 cheaper than the Sonos Sub (Gen 3). Sonos also offers bundles that include the Sonos Sub Mini. Sonos Ray and Sub Mini (£673 – a £35 saving compared to buying both of these speakers separately) and the Sonos Beam and Sonos Sub Mini (£838 – a £40 saving).

These bundles mean you can pick up a Sonos Ray soundbar and a Sub Mini and still have £76 in your pocket, compared with buying a Sonos Sub Gen 3. Bargain!

Sub Mini is available in Europe and UK since October 6.

Check out the following if you are interested in setting up a home theater. best Sonos deals Get your last kit as cheaply as possible

sonos sub mini review

Sonos designed the Sub Mini soundbar to be used with the Ray, a more economical model of its Soundbar. (Image: SONOS)

Sonos Sub Mini Final Verdict

Sonos took far too much time to create a cheaper subwoofer. Its Sonos Ray and Sonos Beam soundbars are absolutely stunning – and some of our go-to recommendations for those looking to boost their television speakers. But pairing either of these soundbars with a £749 Sonos Sub 3 was utter madness.

We are thankful Finally The Sonos Sub Mini is available.

The subwoofer is easy to set up and doesn’t require any maintenance. The Sub Mini is not for people who like to fiddle with EQs or spend hours setting up Sonos speakers. However, if you want the clever Sonos algorithms to manage everything for you, bringing a hugely-improved, well-rounded sound for your favourite album, TV show, or movie – you’ll be hard-pushed to find a better option than the Sub Mini.

The Sub Mini is as good looking and sounding like every wireless subwoofer you can find. 

The Sub Mini is a Sonos wireless subwoofer that looks superior to all others in the same price range. While it’s disappointing the speaker can’t be kept on its side as its sibling, it looks so good that you won’t mind having it displayed.

At £429, Sonos Sub Mini is a bargain compared to the Sonos Sub 3. However, the price is still quite high compared to some other products on market.

For those who only have the Sonos Ray soundbar at home – an incredible deal at £279 – it’s tough to recommend spending £150 more on a subwoofer than the soundbar it will be paired with. For those who have the Sonos Beam (Gen 1) Or Sonos Beam 2 it is a more comfortable fit.

Because the Sub Mini can effortlessly improve the sound quality of your speakers, it is a great choice for people who already have a Sonos home theater system. There are cheaper options for sound systems that can be built from scratch than the Sub Mini, even if they don’t look as great.

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