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Samsung Galaxy Watch free Z Flip 4 & Z Fold 4

Up until the month’s end, you can still get a Galaxy Watch 4 is available in the sleek silver colour scheme with Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 You can even get a Z Flip 4 or Z Fold 4. Samsung Customer have the option to select between Galaxy You can choose between the 40mm and 44mm sizes of the Watch 4. You will need to claim your phone once you purchase it. free wearable You can cancel your order within 60 days.

Apply for a free Galaxy To watch 4, you’ll need to go to the official Samsung promotions page.

Once you have submitted the application Samsung Within five days, we will inform you if your claim was approved. You will be notified if your claim is approved. free Galaxy You can watch 4 videos in 45 days.

This is not all. Galaxy Be sure to watch this promotion as another Z Flip 4/Z Fold 4 deal is ending at the end the month.

Until October 31 you will be able to get a guaranteed £250 off the Z Flip 4 when you trade in your old handset, or up to £580 off with the Z Fold 4 when you send Samsung your current device.

This helps makes these stylish foldable phones – which are priced from £999 for the Z Flip 4 and £1,649 for the Z Fold 4 – more affordable.

Another way to do it is: Samsung All products are now easier to purchase from their official site.

South Korean technology giant allows its customers to purchase products online with small monthly payments.

Place an order for the Samsung You can pay your products on the website with 12-36 monthly installments.

This comes with zero percent APR, so there’s no extra cost to you to be able to purchase your product in installments.

You might also be interested in another promotion, which is currently being offered elsewhere. SamsungThe new folding handsets.

Buy a new car until the end of 2012 Galaxy You will receive a complete Note Pack when you fold 4. free.

It includes a Z Fold 4 case, S Pen, charger and a S Pen.

Alternately, anyone who is interested in purchasing the Z Flip 4 will receive up to 30% discount on a folding case if they purchase before November 30, 2022.

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