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My smartmeter displayed the lowest energy use day – this was tremendously alarming.

Many homes in the UK are facing higher energy costs, with gas and electricity prices nearly twice as high as last fall. This is a worrying time especially as the dark winter months approach and the cost of electricity increases. The latest increase came into effect last weekend. Now is the time to review your consumption habits and make changes.

While I try to lower the daily consumption of my family, it is much harder than I expected.

During the coldest months of 2021 my average daily usage was around £7 but last Sunday the digital meter that sits in my kitchen almost whizzed past the £10 per day barrier.

The screen displayed a shocking amount, but the thing that really concerned me was the fact that it had not been switched on due to warmer temperatures.

That means the £10 fee was purely based on a few family wash loads, cooking the Sunday roast, watching a movie in the afternoon and four quick showers being taken.

Sunday will always be the longest day at home for most people. It also happens to be the largest day when it comes to energy consumption.

Once the inevitable cold weather arrives and the heating revs into action I won’t be surprised to see the smart meter hit almost £20 for a single day’s usage.

That could mean monthly bills for a family home hit well over £400 during January and February. In fact, I’m already planning ahead and won’t be surprised if I don’t get a £500 bill at some point in the future.

It’s worth speaking to your provider if you don’t have a smartmeter yet. Most energy companies will fit them. free. These devices are connected to your electricity and gas supply, and display an accurate cost for the entire day.

They can make you look really scary, but it is possible to establish a daily spending budget.

It is also possible to keep an eye on your spending habits and cut back on unnecessary purchases.

You can reduce your monthly expenses by turning off the lights, unplugging TVs when they are not in use and turning down the heat.

There are other ways you can reduce consumption. You could also switch out old halogen bulbs to smart or LED lamps, freeze the freezer, close the curtains and shut the windows to cut heat escape through them.

A low-flow showerhead can be a great option, as it gives you a nice shower and uses less hot water.

It is a simple fact that the more you do, the more money you save. According to my smart meter statistics, each penny counts. Keep in mind that the UK Government does not have a fixed price limit. Average bills are expected to be around £2,500 but the more that you use, the more it will cost.

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