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Meta Connect 2022: The Future (and What We Know About the Meta Quest Pro)

Meta Connect 2022 is just around the corner. We’re hungry for Meta Quest Pro Deets. Our thirst is quenched by a review of everything we know so far about October 11, as well as what we suspect may be in the works.


How do you view the Meta Connect livestream?

Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro is Meta’s virtual-reality solution for workplaces and businesses. Project Cambria was the previous name for this device, and it is an upgrade to Quest. A video amateur made of what appears to be the Pro prototype has been leaked several weeks earlier. The Pro features a slimmer, lighter frame that doesn’t have any gaskets blocking out light. Pro is expected to use thin pancake lenses, pass-through tech and eye-tracking technology. This will enhance remote work setups and offer new ways for training on the job. Rumours suggest that the Pro will be available for purchase at around $1,000. This is a significant increase from the $399 Quest 2.

Meta Quest 3

YouTuber SadlyItsBradley shared a leaked set of CAD images from the Quest Pro 3 which was known internally as Stinson. Although the device will not be available until next year, it is possible to get some information about future Meta consumer devices. Although the Stinson looks like a mixed reality device, it uses five cameras and five pancake lenses. It does not have eye or facial tracking. This means that it will be cheaper than the Pro.

Horizon Worlds

We’ll likely hear more about the new opportunities Meta has created on Horizon Worlds thanks to its investment. Zuckerberg shared sharper, cleaner images of the work that the company has been doing after the platform was mocked recently for low-resolution graphics. This is the Horizon Worlds version that Connect may see.

Creativity in metaverse

Meta has invested heavily in marketing the metaverse to creators. They say it’s an area for unrivalled expression where artists and developers can create new types of businesses.

Connect will host breakout sessions with titles like “Build Immersive experiences,” “Create Natural Interactions”, and “Design for Everyone.” While the best practices from these sessions may be targeted at developers, artists could also benefit. You can see Meta’s marketing materials on this topic here. Are We There Yet? Series in which Keke Palmer was employed by the company to talk with Victoria Young, virtual sculptor duo YONK, about her work at Horizon Worlds. The episode does not explain. How You can make a metaverse. While it doesn’t mention the need for a $400 headset, it communicates the fact that there are other ways to create it. Can You can create it. It may even be able to break into new markets once it is known for being a creative hub.

You want to learn more? how to Watch Meta Connect Live on October 11th. Take a look at our guide.

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