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Here are some tips and tools to help students study, take notes, and focus.

With a brand new academic year rolling around, students of all ages will be looking for help and guidance with their work—and there are a wealth of options on mobile app stores and the web to help you succeed.

Below are some top-rated apps and services that span multiple areas, such as time management, homework assistance, note-taking, etc. You have a complete toolkit to ensure that your year is successful.

There should be an app that suits your learning style, requirements and study habits. The right app could make all the difference.


Trello adapts to your needs.


The main appeal of Trello is its versatility: You can adapt the simple card-based interface in whichever way you want—whether to keep track of individual homework assignments or to log multiple research strands in an essay—and the software will adapt accordingly.

There are many options available to you, including the ability to attach files and assign deadlines to cards. Trello can be used in any way you like. You’ll find the interface easy to navigate with drag-and drop operations, tons of options, and lots of other features.

Trello Freemium web Android, iOS)


Socratic can help you with any topic.


Powered by Google’s artificial intelligence engines, Socratic is here to answer any question on any topic, whether you need step-by-step math explanations, a quick overview of a historical event or work of literature, or details of a particular set of biological processes.

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