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Amazon cuts the price of Kindles, but you must be careful when buying one

Some very attractive discounts are available for those who want to buy a Kindle ereader. Amazon has just slashed the price of its popular e-readers with the entry-level Paperwhite now starting from under £95.

This is one of the lowest prices ever for the device. The deals do not end there. Online retailer also reduced the price of the Signature Kindle, which receives wireless charging. The ultimate Oasis model also gets discounted. The premium model features a sharp 300ppi adjustable display and is waterproof, making it ideal for use in the pool or while relaxing in the tub.

Check out the latest Kindle Deals

Kindle Paperwhite • From £94.99
This includes a 6.8-inch display, 10-week battery life, and 20% faster page turn times than the previous generation

Kindle Paperwhite Signature • From £144
Included: A 6.8 inch screen, 32GB storage, front-lit improved lighting, wireless charging

Kindle Oasis • From £179.99
Included: A 7-inch LCD screen with a 10-week battery life and page turns buttons.

While these are certainly tempting offers, you need to know two things before you make the leap.

Amazon will soon launch the 2nd major Prime Day Sale of the year, which promises even greater discounts for its devices.

You can expect to see some incredible offers at this event which begins on October 11,

For example, during Amazon’s first Prime Day sale in July the Kindle Paperwhite was reduced to just £85 and the Oasis could be picked up for £159.99 which are both much cheaper than what’s currently available.

You will need Prime membership to receive those discounts. Amazon has not confirmed if Amazon’s Kindle will be eligible for any significant discounts, but if they do you may find yourself a little more financially secure.

You might also find lower prices. This could make it a good time to put off purchasing Kindles right now.

Amazon confirmed recently that the Scribe is its all-new Kindle. It introduces a stylus and will be available in the coming weeks.

The digital pen allows users to write on the screen and take notes. The digital pen also features a large 10.2-inch screen with 300ppi resolution and a long battery life.

If you are looking for the ultimate Kindle, then The Scribe is the one.

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