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A dud app might have stolen your Facebook password if you had it downloaded.

There’s a possibility that an app you have downloaded in the past year didn’t function properly.

Meta started notifying more than 1,000,000 Facebook users about the possibility that their passwords had been stolen by third-party apps from Google Play and App Store. The company published a report on Oct. 7 detailing its findings of more than 400 malicious apps that were “designed to steal Facebook login information and compromise people’s accounts.”

Meta discovered that many of the apps masquerade as useful and entertaining apps. Another type of malware apps was found as VPN services and apps that track your health, business, or manage ads. Although these apps could be found on Google Play or the App store, most are now available in Google Play. Most of the apps hosted in the App Store are business-oriented.


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Meta advises you look at whether the app asks you to sign in with Facebook. This will help you determine if an app that has been downloaded may be trying to steal your password. While many apps provide “Sign in to Facebook” as an option, it’s possible that there is something wrong if the app requires you to use Facebook credentials. Only option. You should also check whether it delivers the promised functions. Numerous troublesome apps didn’t work before signing-in to Facebook, and they remained inactive even after that.

David Agranovich Director of Threat Disruption said that Meta shared its findings both with Google Play and the App Store, however, they ultimately decided to take down the apps. October 7, 2018. Engadget Reports indicated that the hosts had deleted all of Meta’s apps.

The malicious apps shouldn’t be there anymore, but Meta advises you to change your password and activate two-factor authentication. Log-in alerts will also be enabled to notify you if someone attempts to access your account.

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