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How To Transform Your Home into a Smart Home

Credit: Josh Hendrickson / Review Geek

A number of million-dollar homes featured smart home technology were on my recent tour. To my surprise, I didn’t see a single custom-built system like Control4. Most tech gadgets are easy to install. There are a few exceptions.

In my neighborhood, the average house is sold for $200,000. Only a few have multi-million dollar homes. They’re rare, and they are often very large.

The majority of money goes on luxurious items such as You can fit walk-in pantries in most home offices. As part of the package you also get smart home technology. This includes custom-designed gaming rooms. I expected to see custom-designed systems like the one shown here. Control4 Oder Savant, but that wasn’t the case at all. I didn’t even see a single smart hub.

Instead, I came across video doorbells along with smart assistants like thermostats and lights. Many of these gadgets can be installed to create the same smart home experience. The good news is, most of those devices are accessible and affordable even if you can’t splurge on a four-story home.

Popular theme: Video doorbells

A Nest Hello Video Doorbell
Josh Hendrickson / Review Geek

Nearly every home I saw had a video doorbell. The is one of the most popular types of video-doorbells. most important smart home devices One can have it all, I know that I do. I can’t live without it. Video doorbells provide security and peace of mind, whether you’re away or at home.

With a video doorbell, you can see who is at your door without stopping what you’re doing. To quickly determine if the visitor is a delivery man or solicitor, you can check your smart phone or display. And when packages do get dropped off while you’re away, at least you can keep an eye on them.

These houses had lots of natural light. Nest Hello The best premium choice is video doorbells. Eufy Doorbell provides a lower cost option without all of the fuss and hassle associated with the cloud. The Nest Hello has nearly the same features as Eufy Doorbell, but for a fraction of the cost.

Battery powered

Nest Doorbell (Battery).


Nest’s Hello bell isn’t working, even though it makes a great sound. But this Nest battery powered version will.

No Cloud subscription

Eufy Doorbell


Video doorbells are great and cloud subscriptions can prove to be cumbersome. Eufy is free and you do not need to subscribe in order to access all of the amazing features.

With smart speakers and displays, your doorbell will sound even better

A Nest Hub on a kitchen counter near syrup bottles.
Josh Hendrickson / Review Geek

In every house I visited, at least one smart display was there. That’s not surprising, given the lack of smart hubs. If you don’t want advanced automation, you can skip the complexity of a smart hub and rely on Google or Alexa to tie together your smart devices instead. If you’re looking for full-home sound, placement is possible. Echo Oder Google Home It is possible to use the devices within your house for this purpose.

These smart displays are perfect for your office and kitchen. Nest Hub Oder Echo Show It is your best bet. They are the best option.

You can do this in one of two ways. To act as your doorbell’s sound system, smart speakers could be installed in your home. That can be helpful if you can’t hear your home’s chime from the basement, for instance.  Smart displays can stream video directly from your smartphone to your home when someone calls. If you have the Nest Hello, or Nest Hub, your video will begin almost immediately. With Ring and Echo Show, you’ll have to ask for the video to display, making the process a little less convenient.

A big display

Smart Thermostats: Stay comfortable

A Nest Thermostat set to cool a home to 68 degrees.
Josh Hendrickson / Review Geek

Controlling the temperature can be difficult, no matter how old or tall your home is. If your thermostat happens to be on a wall where warm air flows from your home’s heating system, it may think your house is warmer than it truly is. The smart thermostat can help.

Both the programming language and the interface are very simple. Nest Ecobee To get more accurate results, you can place temperature sensors throughout your home. Do you live in your home the most? Is your bedroom colder than the rest? These rooms may be too cold for your thermostat to turn off quickly.

If you’re interested in temperature sensors, Ecobee comes with one, whereas Nest does not. Google is the best. It could also be possible to use non-Google smart phones by shutting down the Works with Nest program Ecobee.

Small homes are easier to install smart lights

A game room featuring metal chairs, a treasure chest, and life-sized in-game items from Fortnite.
While this Fortnite-themed game room was cool, like the rest of the home, the lights were dumb and didn’t even offer color to match the room. Josh Hendrickson / Review Geek

Smart lighting was everywhere on the home tour, surprising me. Although one house had smart lighting it wasn’t the only. single Lutron switch A separate theatre room can be rented.

Smart lighting costs are prohibitive for houses large enough to house dozens or more rooms. After counting 50 bulbs, it was too difficult to determine how many there were. Even if you went with Wyze’s incredibly cheap $8 bulbs, that cost adds up quick. Although smart light switches are more affordable than bulbs, their price is still high.

This means that the average home has smaller light bulbs, and therefore, a less expensive house. That means you can more easily achieve something the million-dollar homes didn’t: smart lighting everywhere. Smart bulbs and smart switches are two options. Smart LED strips are also available if neither of these options is feasible.

Paired with your voice assistant, you’ll have easy control of your lights from anywhere (even outside the home), and you can set up timers and routines to shut down the lights for you, or make it appear you are home when you aren’t.

Bulbs at an affordable price

Wyze Bulbs Color


Wyze has the color bulb that you need

These are some very costly options

A section of home with retractable porch shades covering where walls would normally be.
It’s hard to overstate how amazing these look in person. Shade Shop

A smart home with these features can give you the same feeling as buying a million-dollar house. The homes that sold for the most money had some options not offered to average homeowners. Smart water valves, like Flo by Moen This device will detect any leaks in your home, and then shut down the water supply. But installing one is expensive, both because of the hardware and because you’ll need a plumber. Similar rules apply to Rain Bird’s smart sprinklers With the, you can remotely control sprinklers using your smartphone. They’re not easy to install, and the cost is high.

I realized that my family was the most important thing out of everything I looked at. retractable screened-in porches. Most of the devices could be controlled remotely, but a few offered voice and smartphone assistance. It felt bigger and more spacious from the transformation of the porch.

The prices on those are astronomical (as in “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” levels). But smart blinds are becoming increasingly affordable. While smart blinds are expensive per shade at several hundred dollars, Ikea’s new Fyrtur blinds It is possible to lower the cost by choosing something more affordable. You’ll still spend over a hundred dollars per shade, but for the money, you have voice and app control of your window blinds. And you won’t have to knock out any walls or build support structures to support it, unlike screened-in porches.

Many people consider smart home technology a luxury. Unless the goal is to overcome a specific issue, like a person with paraplegia who can’t reach the light switch easily, most people don’t need any smart home tech. If done right, it can be very useful. Smart homes are a luxury that everyone appreciates. Your home may be worth one million dollars.

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