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The Tiny Board makes your SSD sound like a noisy hard drive

Matthias Werner

Computers are almost silent today. However, computers were not available just 20 years ago. Thank you loud. It was like turning on the computer and feeling the buzz of the CRT monitors, some fan noises, and clicks from the hard drive.

It’s likely that most people prefer not to be disturbed by a computer. But for those who love retro cacophony, there’s always the HDD Clicker 2.0. Developed by Matthias Werner, this small board adds some alarmingly loud hard drive noises to your modern SSD-equipped PC.

It is very simple to use the HDD Clicker 2.0. It attaches to your motherboard and draws power using a Mini-Molex connector. A small ATTiny microcontroller monitors your SSD’s activity, and a piezoelectric speaker produces a “hard drive noise” whenever your SSD reads or writes data.

A small LED at the HDD Clicker 2.0 blinks when your SSD accesses data. Retro PCs often have a small LED that indicates hard drive activity. This feature was created for them. Many people choose to replace their old motherboards and upgrade their retro computer with SSDs.

If you’d like to create your own HDD Clicker, watch the above video and visit the Retroianer Website for more information. Also, you can pre-order an HDD Clicker Serdashop: $25

Source: Matthias Werner / Retroianer via Liliputing

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