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GM Partners with OneD Batteries Brand for Better EVs

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General Motors announced OneD Battery Sciences is a Palo alto-based company that has been partnering with it to conduct joint research and development on new batteries for electric cars.

GM Ventures made a $25 million Series C funding round and also invested in OneD. It is a goal to produce better EVs that have higher battery density and longer range while also offering lower prices. This is basically about fixing some key problems in electrification.

OneD’s SINANODE nanotechnology uses unique silicon nanowires to enhance graphite in battery cells. This technology is expected to provide a 10x boost in energy. It could open up the door for lighter EV batteries, smaller vehicles and potentially greater performance within smaller areas.

SINANODE batteries are better and have a longer range. This is something that every owner of an EV wants. We’ve also seen a lot of movement on this front, with a Chinese battery brand claiming its new pack can go over 600 miles on a charge. Here’s what GM had to say about the deal:

“GM designed Ultium to be a supremely flexible platform so we can continuously improve our cells as battery technology advances. Our collaboration with OneD will focus on efforts to continue advancements in EV range, performance, and cost.”

Two American businesses means that GM and GM may be closer to making vehicles entirely in America to receive federal EV tax credits. And that’s on top of the other improvements being touted. Plus, moving production stateside could avoid the global supply constraints we’ve seen as of late.

Battery technology and advancement are a big topic of discussion right now, and it’s not going away anytime soon. For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: General Motors Co

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