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Bruce Willis & His AI Digital Twin

Bruce Willis, who has aphasia, has decided to retire from acting. However, there will always be another Bruce Willis. In an advertisement last year for Deepcake, the Russian company which created a telecom, Deepcake’s digital counterpart appeared. Deepcake says he sold rights to future movies, ads, and projects. The Telegraph.

Engineers used content from to create the digital double drawing. The AI platform can now use Willis’s photo to graft facial features onto another actor. Willis’s estate still has the final say on all projects.

Megafon adverts featured Willis in Willis’s role, but his face was swapped with actor Konstantin Solovyov. My character is very accurate. Deepcake said that Willis described the experience as “a wonderful opportunity to travel back into time”. Modern technology has allowed me to work remotely, communicate with others, and take part in films. It’s a fascinating experience, and I thank my team for it!”

Willis’ family announced that Willis was going to retire in March after he received an aphasia diagnosis. Aphasia can be described as a condition that interferes with understanding or communication. Concerns about the cognitive state of this 67-year-old man led to him being involved in many projects.

Sometimes actors can appear digitally as their own characters. Boba Fett’s Book Mark Hamill as a young boy. Digital versions of Peter Cushing, Carrie Fisher and Carrie Fisher are also featured in the issue. Star Wars: Rogue OneBoth of them are now dead. Disney purchased the rights via AI to Disney’s voice from James Earl Jones, so that he could retire.

It is controversial. While deepfakes are not all equal in quality, they often approach the “uncanny valley,” where characters seem off because of stiff movements and dead eyes. You must consider your rights. Even if their loved ones agree, actors who have died cannot turn down roles in films.

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