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Best Way To Add Google Docs Footnotes

Whether you’re composing an essay, article, or legal document, you may have extra details you want to include. Instead of distracting from the main content, you can easily place footnotes in your Google Docs.

You will find the footnote indication at the bottom end of each page. The number is attached to the text. Because of the superscript format, this indicator is not as intrusive as stringing together similar text.

Google Docs for The Web: Add a footnote

Open your Google Docs document by signing in to Google Docs. Drag your cursor towards the left side of every word, and then select the word you would like to use for a footnote.

Select Insert > Footnote in the menu.

You’ll immediately see the footnote indicator where you placed your cursor. You’ll also see the footnote at the end of the page which now contains your cursor. Now you can enter footnote text wherever you are.


In the footnote, type your reference, detail or note. Next, select the section in which you want to add.


If you add more footnotes to your document, each is numbered sequentially in relation to the page you’re on.

This is the case where our footnotes are placed on the page. The next footnote is on page 2. Next, you will need to add another page on the second. Google Docs makes it easy to number both the 1st and 2nd pages.


Google Docs also allows footnotes to be added.

Google Docs Footnotes may be deleted

If you want to remove a footnote you’ve added, you’ll simply delete the footnote indicator in your text.

Move your cursor to the right and you can erase the number. To select the number you wish to delete, click Delete


You can modify the numbering of your footnotes and remove them from your document.

A footnote can be added to the Google Docs Mobile App

Footnotes can be added to Google Docs Mobile App. The same steps can be used for Android as well as iPhone.

Open Google Docs and navigate to the document that you wish to view. The cursor can be moved to the word’s right or left. Next, click the Insert icon (+ sign) at the top.

When the Insert options appear at the bottom, choose “Footnote.”


Just like on the web, you’ll see the number indicator in the text and your cursor moves to the footnote for you to enter your text.

To finish a document, you can tap on a particular area. You can tap again on the spot to close your footnotes.

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Also, like the Google Docs website, each footnote you add is numbered in order according to the page you’re on and the footnote area automatically expands to accommodate all notes.


Footnotes can be removed from your mobile app

To get rid of a footnote you’ve added, delete the number indicator in your text. Your cursor should be moved to the number. Place your finger right next to it. Use the Backspace key to activate it.


Adjust all footnotes according to the removal of the footnote.

Google Docs footnotes can be used to supplement the text with information not found in the main text.

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