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How to select text on your computer quickly

Highlighting text is something you probably do a lot and don’t think much about. You can do this in a number of different ways, some better than others. We’ll show you the fastest methods.

Dragging your mouse letter by letter to highlight text is the method most people are familiar with, but it’s not the best. There are many other methods which will make sense of your situation and save you valuable time. Let’s begin.

Note: This article focuses on the testing of these methods. windows You can use a text editor and a web browser to create your HTML. Most of these methods work across operating systems and applications, although there are too many variables to promise they’ll work everywhere.

Use Shift to click at the End and Start

You can use the keyboard and mouse to speed up the process. Click the mouse to point the cursor towards the beginning of your selection. Hold down Shift and click on the cursor to end the selection. You will see the highlighted text that appears between those two clicks.

Click twice to highlight a word

Here’s a simple trick for highlighting one word. Aim your cursor at the word you’d like to highlight and simply double-click. It will highlight the whole word.

Click and drag twice to highlight by word

Let’s bring dragging to the party. Double-click the first word. But instead of clicking the button at the second click to release it, hold the button down and drag your mouse. You will see the highlighted word word by word, not letter by letter.

Triple-Click Highlight Sentence/Paragraph

You can highlight more by triple-clicking. Depending on the app you’re using, a triple-click will highlight the full sentence or the full paragraph.

Double-Click and Drag for Highlighting Sentences/Paragraphs

You can also add dragging and triple-clicking. To add dragging to triple-clicking, click on the first paragraph or sentence and drag the mouse down on the third click. You’ll highlight full sentences or paragraphs at a time.

Use the left margin to drag down

Click in the left margin near the text you wish to select and drag your mouse down to move the cursor along the page.

Shift + Cltl and Arrow Keys

A keyboard can be used to highlight words word-by word. Aim the cursor at the starting point or double-click the first word, then hold Shift + Ctrl and press the Left or Right arrow keys. The next and previous words will be highlighted with each press.

Use Ctrl +A to select All Text

The last, but not least, keyboard shortcut that everyone needs to know is Ctrl + A. Press Ctrl+A to highlight all of the text within a page. Highlight all text on the page, or in the active box.

As you can see, there’s a quick method for highlighting text in nearly any way you could want. Try to work these into your routine, and you’ll save time and highlight text more accurately. It’s okay to admit when there’s a better way to do something.

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