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CIS Controls is neither pointless nor boring: Lock it down with CIS Controls

I’m delighted to share that I will be speaking for the first time at SecTor This year. This year, the talk will take place in Theatre 1 at 1:5 PM on October 5.Th. In the session CIS Controls are neither boring nor pointless: Lock it down with CIS Controls. The latest version of CIS Controls will be the subject of my discussion. In Version 8, there are 18 controls. There are 18 Controls in Version 8.

The tech industry has many options for professionals. Working in cybersecurity I’ve noticed, that just like Spotify picking music artists that fit my personality and style of music, there is a framework that is tailored to the industry you work in. CIS Controls were introduced to me last year while I was researching a series blog posts. They impressed me with their simplicity and easy implementation. You can read more about CIS Controls here. free To read more, you can check out the posts that highlight key points from each control.

A common opinion of most frameworks is that they’re not exactly exciting to read and implement, but they are mission critical when it comes to keeping organizations safe and secure. So I had the brilliant idea of presenting the CIS Controls in a new way. A quote that rings true by famous footballer Johann Cruyff is, “Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring.” If you find it boring and pointless, you’re doing it wrong. This is why I decided to add some flair by showing you some moves that show how an organization can evolve as it implements these Controls.

We will be discussing the CIS Controls, and I’ll show you some controls that could really make a difference once they have been implemented. So, if you’re looking for a not boring and not pointless talk about CIS Controls, come on down to the dance floor with me for Neither Pointless Nor Boring: Pop It and Lock It Down with CIS Controls.

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