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Android: How do you display battery percent

Android Mobile Devices: Display the Battery Percentage

You can ask your Android smartphone to show you your current battery level in the upper-right corner.

You can enable it in your phone’s settings & We’ll demonstrate how in this article.

Keep in mind, however that these steps may vary depending on your model phone. This is Android’s usual behavior.
Check out these sections if you have a Pixel phone or an Android Samsung smartphone.

On a Samsung Phone, display the Battery Percentage

Start the Settings app with a Samsung device running Android 11 and 12.
After that, go to Notifications > Advanced Settings.

Choose “Advanced Settings”.


If you’re using Android 10, go to Settings > Notifications > Status Bar (learn how to check your Android version).

Check the “Show Battery percentage” box.

Choose “Show battery percentage.”

The top-right corner now displays your current battery level.
To hide the number, turn off “Show Battery Percentage”.


The Battery Percentage of a Pixel Phone

Open the Settings app if you own a Pixel smartphone.
In the Settings menu, tap “Battery”.

Choose “Battery” in the main Settings menu.

After that, you can enable the “Battery Percentage” setting.

Set the Battery Percentage setting.

You can now see the current battery status of your phone in top-right of your screen.
For a hidden percentage, toggle the “Battery Percentage” option.


Android phones also display the percentage of battery.

Follow these steps if your device is not a Samsung/pixel and you are struggling to find the toggle.

Here, we’re using a OnePlus Nord device. Yours may have slightly different steps.

Start by opening Settings on your Android phone.
From the Settings menu, select “Display”.

Select “Display” from the Settings menu.

Scroll to the bottom on the page “Display”, and then click the “Status” button.
The status bar, which is the bar that runs across the top and sides of your screen on the phone, will be changed to display the battery option.

Choose “Status bar”

You can turn on the page “Status Bar”, and select “Show Battery Percentage”.

You can toggle off “Show Battery percentage” to conceal the current battery percentage.

Select “Show Battery Percentage”

It’s over.

The current battery status is displayed in the top-right corner.

An Android phone displays its battery percentage in the status bar.

This is all you need to do to add or remove the battery percentage option in your Android smartphone’s status bar. It’s very helpful.

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