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Windows 11’s 2022 Update Is Causing Issues for Some NVIDIA Users

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Microsoft has finally made available its 2022 update, also known as 22H2, to the general public. However, if your NVIDIA GPU is not supported, it might be worth delaying updating. Especially so if you’re a gamer. Some users have had very bad experiences with the latest version. windows and their NVIDIA Cards.

This issue seems to have to do with overlays in games. If you’re playing a game and you want to check its performance, and you press Alt + R to make the GeForce Experience performance overlay show up, your game might begin stuttering badly. In games like God of WarUsers have claimed a 87.5% decrease in framerates after bringing up an overlay.

In some cases, just closing the overlay by pressing Alt + R again is enough to fix the issue — with framerates slowly rising to normality within a few seconds after doing so. Others, though, have needed to exit the game and go into GeForce Experience’s settings to turn off overlays completely in order to fix the issue for good. All of these cases have the same common thread: the issue started after the last update. windows update.

NVIDIA employees are aware of the problem, but it is a good thing that NVIDIA has addressed the matter. is going through user complaints on Reddit We are trying to get user feedback as well as troubleshooting details. We should expect a fix soon from NVIDIA or Microsoft. Right now, though, if you’re a gamer with an NVIDIA GPU, you should avoid installing the update until you hear about a fix.

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