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SHiE Installs With Respol A Hydroline In The Outer Port Of La Coruña

An urban bus that is powered by renewable hydrogen was successfully used to test sustainable mobility using this green energy.

SHIE, an entity formed by Zoilo Ríos and Arpa to offer renewable hydrogen services , has installed a hydroline in the outer port of La Coruña with Repsol to carry out this test organized by the Port Authority of this Galician city.

SHiE developed equipment that includes hydrogen storage tanks and hydrogen gas compressors. A pre-cooling system is also included. The hydrogen dispenser has a flow rate of up 3.6kg per minute at a pressure of 350 bars. It is silent, mobile, modular, fast and efficient.

This test had the objective to verify for several days whether this fuel could be used in urban transportation. The bus has been working these days under real operational conditions of line 1 between Castrillón and the Abente y Lago hospital with its usual influx of people, complying with the schedules and routes just like any other bus in the fleet of the A Coruña Tramway Company.

Caetano’s Group provided the vehicle. The electric motor is powered by renewable hydrogen and has no CO2 emissions. The vehicle’s performance during the test is outstanding. It consumed just 16kg less of hydrogen in one day, or 42% of its full capacity. This results in an hourly average of 1kg H2 consumption. the operation.

This is one of the first national initiatives of this type and is part of the ‘A Coruña Green Port’ strategy, which aims to serve as a catalyst for decarbonisation and energy innovation in the industrial sector through the use and promotion of renewable energies and the creation of an energy and marine industrial pole.

SHiE has been part of this initiative hand in hand with Repsol, since Zoilo Ríos has been the company’s operator for more than 30 years. For Zoilo Ríos, managing partner of SHiE, “this important project represents one more step to make visible the technical capabilities of our teams in different industrial environments”.

In addition, for Zoilo Ríos, this pilot test has also demonstrated the ease of installation and start-up of its portable hydroline, ideal characteristics for demonstration projects or hydrogen supply in the early stages of the infrastructure deployment process for this technology Until consumer demand for vehicles and the number of vehicle fleets increases.

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