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Amazon Expands an Additional Installment Strategy that You Won’t Accept

Amazon One, the brand new payment system, was developed by Amazon. It will soon be available in 65 Whole Food Stores across California.

Many technology companies are working to make payment easier. We have moved from cash to credit cards to our phones to pay for things with them, so we know that this is not the end of the story.

Amazon started testing new methods of payment in 2019. It was free and didn’t require any additional information. The company had already extended the payment method to Seattle’s two stores (USA) for a year. It seems that it was successful and has now decided to expand it to Santa Monica, Montana Avenue, and Malibu to cover 65 additional establishments. (USA).

This method is simple to use, and certainly easier than most. technology That is what drives the program, as the first step to buying with your hands is to sign up for the Amazon One Program.

Only a telephone number is required. This will be a bank account.

The system registers biometric information of your hand. However, it also has computer vision algorithms that can capture and encrypt the palm image. This prevents identity theft and fraud. Pay when you are ready.

It will be available in limited stores that sell food at the moment, but it is likely to expand to other countries later.

Amazon One is the perfect product for anyone who is always late or forgets something.

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