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Enel X helps smart cities to make their way in Colombia

The best tools to implement the city transformations required by the modern world are new technologies. Enel X is a company with over 60 years’ experience inherited by the Enel Group that offers the most effective products and services for smart cities.

“An intelligent city or ‘smart city’ applies new technologies to achieve objectives such as reaching the development and sustainability goals of each administration, improving the quality of life of its inhabitants by making decisions in real time, increasing citizen participation in the urban ecosystem , and guarantee the correct disposal and efficient use of available resources”, explains Diego Valderrama, deputy manager of government clients at Enel X, Enel Colombia’s line of business.

A smart city is distinguished not only for having high connectivity but also because it directs its resources towards environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Enel X collaborates with municipalities to help them respond to local needs as well as global issues more efficiently.

“We advise each administration and co-create a plan to implement our portfolio of solutions, adapting it to the characteristics of each municipality. It is a ‘circularity roadmap’, a concept to which we attach great importance, since our solutions always seek to be efficient and responsible with the environment”, says Valderrama.

Enel X offers six types of services and products: Public lighting, Architectural Lighting, Public Electric Transport, Public Electric Transport, Electrical Projects, Digital Services, Smart Street Furniture, and other services.

Enel X – Public lighting. Enel X helps municipalities and cities to modernize and expand their public lighting. environmentally friendly technologies. As part of this service, which provides savings, safety, efficiency, development, color and lighting benefits, Enel X has installed 221,864 LED luminaires in Bogotá to date and more than 9,600 in seven municipalities of Cundinamarca.

Architecture lighting: Protects and enhances museums, monuments streets, sculptures roads, cities, airfields and other venues. One of the most outstanding events is Christmas, in which Enel X has illuminated Bogotá and Cundinamarca for 16 years, with an annual average of 42 nights and the use of LED technology in 10,500 Christmas elements.

Enel X encourages electric mobility in the public sector: With six yards of terminals awarded and five being delivered, Enel X has been the most successful operator in Latin America for electric vehicles. The patios have a total of 878 electric busses and over 129,000 meters built.

Electric projects: These projects provide electricity solutions for Colombian municipalities and cities, and assist them in growing and implementing their infrastructure projects. They include works like the modernization and maintenance of electric substations.

Digital services: These digital services allow the organization and management of large amounts of information to the benefit of the entire city. One such solution is City Analytics. This family of solutions, which are based on Big Data, can be used for public transport, planning and promotion of tourism, and other areas.

Smart urban furniture offers integrated solutions, including the design and digitization of green spaces, parks, bicycle paths, smart squares, parking lots, and sports facilities. Enel X operates three lines of business: Juice offers electric mobility charging systems integrated in street furniture. Smart provides interconnected solutions via the internet. Offgrid is a smart street furniture company that uses solar or wind power.

Enel X is now the most trusted ally for municipal governments because of its complete portfolio.

“The significant experience we have gained has allowed us to develop a scalable and flexible city approach, with innovative solutions and the international support of the Enel Group. And it is that, in addition to infrastructure and technology, we involve citizens and households, among other aspects that allow us to jointly build a complete and efficient urban ecosystem”, concludes Valderrama.

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